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Development Simulation Modeling
for Local Government

Development Simulation Modeling  (DSM) is a highly accurate new method of financial forecasting.  It allows modeling of a community’s future growth and land use under different development scenarios while simultaneously estimating the financial impacts to the jurisdiction of each scenario.

DSM modeling provides for short and long term, risk-free examination of future zoning, annexation, community and economic development alternatives, helping to answer the key question, "Can our city afford its future?"

Some of the issues in which the DSM has been valuable include:

  • Defining the optimum balance of residential to commercial tax base
  • Examining the city’s future operating and capital needs under current development trends
  • Testing alternative land use and public management strategies to achieve a more favorable outcome

Development Simulation Modeling provides statistical support to elected officials and municipal professionals as they examine municipal issues including:

  • Forecasting community growth under alternative hypothetical scenarios
  • Testing many different opinions and options in a risk-free environment, using variable assumptions
  • Examining the tax revenue balance produced from different types of residential and commercial development
  • Facilitating consensus on community goals

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