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Transportation Impact Analysis

A Multi-Jurisdictional Analysis of Economic,
Employment, Tax Revenue and Cost/Benefit Impact
for Transportation Projects

Insight Research Corporation has recognized expertise in quantifying the effects of transportation projects including freight and passenger rail, bridge and overpass placement, airport and seaport improvements.  Using federal methodologies and its proprietary databases of design, construction and operating budgets, Insight Research augments the required socioeconomic and environmental analyses to help achieve the following results:

  • Quantify the economic, employment and fiscal impact of highway design alternatives
  • Build public understanding of the value of these major public and private investments
  • Assist the jurisdiction in placing bonds and obtaining right-of-way

Insight Research Corporation's advanced modeling capacity captures not only the often cited economic and employment impacts of public design and construction expenditures, but also includes the direct and indirect tax impacts by specific jurisdiction of the following transportation project phases:

  • Design and Construction Investments for Alignment Alternatives
  • Right-of-Way Purchase and Reinvestment
  • Estimates of Adjacent Private Development Potential
  • Construction Phase Business Interruption Losses
  • Business Activity Gains Due to Improved Access and Visibility
  • Impacts of Tolls versus Non-Toll Alternatives
  • Lost Opportunity Impacts of "No Action"
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Environmental Justice Issues

For further information about Transportation Impact Analysis,
please contact:

Elizabeth Morris, CEO/Chief Economist
Insight Research Corporation
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