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A Cost/Benefit Analysis Breakthrough

Two of the most controversial questions facing communities are:

  1. What kind of incentives can we afford to offer to desirable new businesses?"
  2. When can we expect to get our investment back?"

Insight Research’s FAST TRAKKER is designed to be used in-house by city or economic development staff.  FAST TRAKKER reports quickly and accurately computes the cost-to-benefit relationship of a proposed project.  Reports provide succinct, consistent results, illustrated by colorful graphics.  Fully customized for each project, the FAST TRAKKER allows a jurisdiction to test multiple cost options against the potential benefits, addressing the following issues:



  • Public service cost
  • A full range of incentives, abatements, grants, rebates, infrastructure participation, and fee waivers
  • Environmental credits
  • Special tax exemptions



  • New assessed values
  • Real and personal property taxes
  • Inventory and sales taxes
  • Permit and fee generation
  • Utility franchise fees
  • Land or special use donations


  • All financial analyses are prepared by your staff, safeguarding project confidentiality.
  • Methodology is tailored for the jurisdiction’s individual tax and incentive structure, as well as for each project opportunity.
  • Comparative results improve communications to elected officials and the public.
  • Insight Research Corporation provides the friendliest, most knowledgeable support services in the industry and are available to assist the user — by telephone, e-mail or on-site — including annual user conferences.
  • Five models of the FAST TRAKKER are available to accommodate project timeframes and financial variables.

For further information about Insight Research Corporation's
FAST TRAKKER please contact:

Sarah Edquist, Director of Municipal Services
Insight Research Corporation
9441 LBJ Freeway, Lock Box 20
Dallas, TX  75243
Telephone 972-238-8838   Fax 214-495-7743

Insight's ED-TRAKKER™ was nominated for an "Innovations In Research" award at the Spring Conference of the International Development Research Council.

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