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Economic Impact Analysis

A Multi-Jurisdictional Analysis of Economic,
Employment, and Tax Revenue Impact

In a clearly stated, color illustrated format, an Economic Impact Analysis answers the question:

"What will the proposed facility, project, move or expansion mean to the target community in jobs, new dollars in the economy and tax revenues over time?"

Insight Research Corporation has refined an economic analysis protocol to evaluate the detailed economic, employment and tax impacts of public and private capital investments, major projects and business site locations and expansions.  Insight Research Corporation’s approach employs the methodologies of the US Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Bureau of Canadian Statistics, the "gold standards" of economic analysis in the United States and Canada respectively.

While economic impact is highly quantifiable and uses traditional methodologies, measuring direct and indirect tax impact is a technical breakthrough in applied microeconomics. This analytical system has many successful applications for a wide variety of projects in the United States and Canada.

Benefits of the economic impact protocol can include investment-grade tax revenue forecasts for public and/or private financing and cost/benefit analysis as needed.

For further information about your Economic Impact Analysis needs,
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