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Insight Research Corporation is a dominant competitor in the measurement of economic, employment, and investment grade tax revenue impacts.

The firm has special depth in freight and passenger transportation, traditional and high-tech manufacturing.  Insight Research Corporation also provides specific services for the needs of fast-growing municipalities.

Economic Analysis Services:

All analytical services provided by Insight Research Corporation are confidential and are custom-designed to address the specific needs of each client.

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We answer your economic decision-making questions:

What is the economic impact of this project on the community?

What new jobs and tax revenue can be expected?

Should our city offer incentives and when will we get our money back?

Can our city afford its future?

What is the optimum mix of residential to commercial land use to support our city's tax base?

How much retail of what type can this trade area support?

Which highway alignment will "pay its own way"?

How can I quantify the variables in a group decision making process?

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