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The Final List Decision Model

"Score, Weight, Rank and Decide"

Insight Research Corporation specializes in business relocation modeling and analysis.  The company provides confidential consulting, research and analytical support for companies of many sizes, particularly those with high growth or specialized labor force concerns.

Business location analysis allows a company to define and quantify its relocation or expansion goals, translating those goals into action. The Final List protocol allows a company to rank location options by defined variables to see which option best corresponds with its stated objectives.

Insight Research Corporation provides its clients with the following:

  • A flexible, extensively tested analytical system for all types of business activities:  manufacturing, retail, corporate headquarters, data control centers, call and service centers
  • On-line, library and data gathering resources for virtually unlimited business information, skillfully refined to assure "apples-to-apples" site comparisons
  • Objectivity, experience and confidentiality
  • Experience in regionally related cost variations

For further information about comparative business site location analysis,
please contact:

Elizabeth Morris, CEO/Chief Economist
Insight Research Corporation
9441 LBJ Freeway, Lock Box 20
Dallas, TX  75243
Telephone 972-238-8838   Fax 214-495-7743

Specialized research can be custom prepared to address each client's site location concerns.

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